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The Joyful Vegan

The Joyful Vegan is here to help you deal with the social, cultural, and emotional aspects of being vegan in a non-vegan world.

The Minimalist Vegan

The Minimalist Vegan is less of a how-to book and more of a why-to book on why to live with less stuff and with more compassion.

Letters to a New Vegan

Letters to a New Vegan consists of 32 humorous, evocative, and even tender epistles offering advice, counsel, and inspiration from longtime vegan activists.

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Cover for the book, The Cow with the Ear Tag #1389. Features a close up of a cow's face.
Animal Rights & Activism
Cover for the book, A Plea for the Animals. Features a tan background with the title written in black and little green animals are scattered about the cover.
Rescue & Sanctuaries
Cover of the book, My Gentle Barn. Features a brown and white cow standing in front of an outstretched human hand. Blue skies and green field in the background.
Environment & Nature
Cover for the book, Food Choice and Sustainability, features a dessert with dry, cracked earth.
Cover for the book, When Lulu Went to the Zoo. Features a cartoon drawing of a young dark-haired girl holding a giraffe by the neck while they both are standing in front of a green fence.
Fitness & Sports
Cover for the book, Vegan Fitness for Mortals. Features a picture of a woman in workout gear using a dumbbell while standing next to a bicycle.
Nutrition & Health
Cover for the book, Even Vegans Die. Features a cream background with black letters mixed with letters made from lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers.
Farming & Food Justice
Cover for the book, Food Justice A Primer, features a brown hand holding cutlery coming out of a corn stalk sitting on a yellow background.

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