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The Ultimate Vegan Thanksgiving Guide

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 45 million turkeys are cooked and eaten in the U.S. at Thanksgiving – that’s one sixth of all turkeys sold in the U.S. each year. I’m out to change that. 

This Vegan Thanksgiving Guide is everything you need to plan, create, and enjoy a festive vegan holiday.

Shopping Guide

Vegan Turkey & Ham Brands

We live in the golden age of vegan products- it’s never been easier to find a vegan alternative to traditional Thanksgiving foods like turkey and ham. Here are a few fully-prepared vegan alternatives to take center stage at holiday gatherings that can easily be found at a health foods or natural foods market.

Vegan Egg Nog

Going vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up the flavor of traditional egg nog! There are plenty of alternatives on the market made with a variety of non-dairy milks. They’re rich and creamy, just like they’re supposed to be.

Here are just a few vegan holiday nog varieties out there.

vegan eggnog

Figgy and Sprout | Decadent Vegan Eggnog

Vegan Whipped Cream

If you are anything like my family, pumpkin pie always made an appearance on the Thanksgiving table. Sitting on top of each generous slice of pie was a mound of whipped cream- that’s my favorite part.

I never cared for the whipped cream in a can, it wasn’t thick enough. In my family we used Cool Whip. I could, and did, eat the whipped cream out of the tub with giant spoons. You could not trust me with whipped cream- I would sneak spoonfuls of it every chance my mother wasn’t looking.

I stopped eating dairy whipped cream when I went vegan, and there wasn’t a vegan version that was similar to my much loved Cool Whip. There were a few brands making whipped cream at that time, but the one that was readily available to me was made from rice milk and not very appealing. None tried were as thick and creamy as the dairy-filled whipped cream that I once loved. Until now.


So Delicious Dairy Free CocoWhip is everything that is right and good about whipped cream. It’s thick and creamy so it reminds me of the dairy whipped cream of my childhood. And nope, I’m not even being paid to say that. I simply love the stuff and I think you will too. Look for it at health foods and natural grocers in the freezer section. You’ll defrost the whipped cream in your fridge for a few hours before you use it.

But even frozen- yeah I tried it- was superb.  

Holiday Cookbooks

I want to let you know that some of the links below are affiliate links which means, in part, that Your Daily Vegan will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. Don’t worry, this is at no additional cost to you. The books listed below are ones that I either use myself or have researched at length and feel comfortable recommending them to you. For my full disclaimer click here.

New Release

Find More Vegan Books

Whether you’re looking for vegan recipes for a special occasion or for everyday cooking you can find what you’re looking for right here on Your Daily Vegan. We have a large library of vegan books to choose from. And if you don’t find what you need there, check our library of vegan recipes to find what you need.

Vegan Recipes

Appetizers   ⋅   Mains  ⋅  Sides  ⋅  Sauces & Gravy  ⋅  Breads  ⋅  Desserts  ⋅  Gluten-Free  ⋅  Raw

Photo: What Would Cathy Eat? | Wild Mushroom Croustades

Photo: Chris Miller via Keepin’ it Kind | Seitan Mushroom Roast

Magic Vegan Loaf Maker

If you love to serve traditional meals that feature hearty and created-just-for-you centerpieces, the Magic Vegan Loaf Maker is for you. Designed by Jennifer McCann from Vegan Lunch Box this loaf maker helps you design your own adventist-style vegan dinner loaf. Simply choose a protein, a nut or see, a carbohydrate, vegetables, liquid, herbs, oil, and a binder from a list- the combinations are almost endless. Once you make your selections, press submit. A personal recipe will be created just for you!
Photo: Vegan YumYum | Jellied Cranberry Sauce
vegan-sweet-rolls Photo: VegWeb | Sweet Dinner Rolls
vegan-apple-pie Photo: Essential Vegan | Vegan Classic Apple Pie

Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes

Appetizers   ⋅   Mains   ⋅  Sides  ⋅  Sauces & Gravy  ⋅  Desserts

Raw Vegan Recipes

Appetizers   ⋅   Mains   ⋅   Sides   ⋅   Sauces & Gravy   ⋅   Desserts

vegan cupcakes

Photo: Vegan Mocha Hazelnut Cupcake | Sharyn Morrow

Featuring Recipes from the Vegan Community

I feature recipes from passionate vegans all over the globe. Do you have a vegan recipe you’d like to have featured on this guide?

Here’s what I’ll need:

  1. Recipe Name
  2. Photo (600 x 400 pixels only)
  3. Link to recipe

Please note: I screen all submissions to ensure it is appropriate for my audience. I reserve the right to list or not list a recipe for any reason.

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Truth in Advertising

Your Daily Vegan is committed to providing accurate information to the vegan community. The information and data presented in this article has been meticulously researched, and is based on the information available to me at the time of publication. Each guide is periodically reviewed for accuracy and updated as necessary. You can find the update date listed at the end of every guide. Please contact me if you find out-of-date or incorrect information.

This guide is authored by KD Angle-Traegner. Last update September 2016

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