Field Roast: 101 Artisan Vegan Meat Recipes to Cook, Share, and Savor Overview

In Field Roast, Chef Tommy McDonald shares fundamental techniques and tips that will enable you to make your own vegan meats at home–for every day (sandwiches, burgers, meatloaf) to holiday (stuffed roast, anyone?), as well as recipes for using them in every meal from breakfast through dinner.

The 100 recipes are flexible: want to make your own plant-based meats? Great! Want to use premade products instead? That will work too. All you need are grains, veggies, and spices–easy-to-find whole food ingredients for authentic, hearty taste.

With basics such as cutlets and sausages, along with dishes like Burnt Ends Biscuit Sandwich, Chicken Fried Field Roast and Waffles, Pastrami on Rye, Tuscan Shepherd’s Pie, Curry Katsu, (and even some favorite desserts), this cookbook brings new meaning to plant-based meat.

About the Author

Tommy McDonald is head chef at the Field Roast Grain Meat Co. He lives with his family in Seattle, Washington.

Editorial Reviews

“We have been wicked fans of Field Roast for years and consider them one of the pioneers in the plant-based meats space, making it easy for more people to embrace animal-free options. Tommy is a badass, fellow plant-pusher and a talented chef in getting people to open their eyes to the endless possibilities of plant-based comfort foods.” ― Chad and Derek Sarno, founders of Wicked Healthy

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