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Your Daily Vegan Featured in Book, On Their Own Terms

By KD Traegner, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Some exciting news, Your Daily Vegan has been featured in the book, On Their Own Terms: Bringing Animal-Rights Philosophy Down to Earth by Lee Hall. Neat!

My part comes in Chapter 9: Victims in Pictures where Hall is discussing the sometimes contradictory actions of some animal-advocacy groups when they use animals as exhibits to teach a compassionate lesson;

“When one animal-protection group applied for a permit to dump pig manure and urine in front of Ohio’s legislative buildings, while transmitting sounds of pigs screaming as they endured mutilations without painkillers and bringing, “three hogs in ‘narrow metal crates’ to the statehouse as part of a factory farm protest,” one advocate commented, “Apparently, the message here is that it is okay to let

[an animal-advocacy group] use the animals to teach the rest of us that it is wrong to use animals.”

I’m excited to be included in the work, it’s a great book worthy of a read. Even if I wasn’t quoted in the book I would still recommend that you read it.

Many thanks to Lee Hall for including me in her work.

Book Synopsis

Sensing the need for fresh ideas in advocacy, and the importance of making animal-rights theory relevant in a time of biotechnology, rapid extinctions and climate change, On Their Own Terms: Bringing Animal-Rights Philosophy Down to Earth challenges us to think of ourselves and other conscious beings in new ways. This book takes the creative and necessary step of calling for a merging of ecological awareness and animal advocacy. It asks us to imagine and appreciate the dignity of free communities of animals thriving in their habitats.

As a society shifts to respect animals on their terms, its judges and lawmakers will stop regarding the environment as props and scenery on the stage of humanity s drama. They will begin to take the interests of all its living inhabitants seriously. This work explains why the shift is within humanity s reach, and how it will come through an animal-advocacy movement that s no longer limited to generating pity for Earth s other beings, or looking for ways to show how cruel we are to them, or taking steps to make their controlled lives less stressful. On Their Own Terms is an invitation to a movement that can ensure the triumph of animals natural freedom and power, and a practical handbook for the advocate who takes up the challenge.

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