Farm Sanctuary reminds us of the bonds between farm animals….

Sheep Rescue

“Listen closely, and you just might hear the amorous sound of violins emanating from the barns at Farm Sanctuary. Candlelight, however, is strictly prohibited — too much hay around! Seriously, though, love is in the air at our New York Shelter, and just in time for Valentine’s Day, we are pleased to release LOVE ON THE FARM, the latest installment of our Sanctuary Tails blog video series, Reel Life at Farm Sanctuary. Watch as National Shelter Director Susie Coston introduces some very special bonded pairs, including Bing and Bessie – two lifelong lovebirds (pictured below) who have been together for 25 years — since the beginning of Farm Sanctuary! You’ll also get to meet some of our pig, goat and chicken friends too!”

Geese Rescue

Bessy and Bing, companions for 25 years

Farm Sanctuary Goats

Debra and Swoosie

Farm Sanctuary Sheep

Colvin and Bleu


Alicia and Ari


Dorothy and Chico

Still pondering what to get your sweetie for the big day?  There’s still time to “adopt” a full-of-love farm animal resident at Farm Sanctuary: Click Here

Photos credits: Bessy & Bing by Jo-Anne McArthur; Debra & Swoosie, Colvin & Bleu, Alicia & Ari by Connie Pugh; Dorothy & Chico by Jean Liebenberg for Farm Sanctuary