Today, I’m paying homage to the creator of Vegan MoFo, Isa Chandra Moskowitz.  I’ve said it before but, in my humble opinion, you can never go wrong with a cookbook from Isa Chandra Moskowitz. From Veganomicon (and those chickpea cutlets!) to Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World (no explanation needed here!), you always get a ton of great recipes that are pretty simple to make.  Of all her books, Vegan Brunch might just be my favorite.  I reach for it more than any other cook book that I own (well, cooked food books- I have raw cookbooks that are used just as much).

I hadn’t planned on making sausages at 8am this morning.  What I wanted at 8am was a hot cup of coffee in a warm house to start my chilly Ohio morning.  What I got instead was a broken furnace which made hot coffee in a warm house impossible.  So, while I was waiting (impatiently) for the heater repair person, I decided to keep myself (from pulling my hair out) busy.  I made steamer sausages.

I used a hybrid of the Cherry Sage and Chipotle Sausages in Vegan Brunch.  I didn’t have cherries so I used dried plums that I made last week.  I also cut back on the heat, added fennel, extra garlic, and tons of fresh cracked pepper.

I won’t post the recipe here (I don’t have one anyway) because I’ve posted a bunch of recipes from Vegan Brunch already.  Good ones too.  Like, Tomato Rosemary Scones and Ginger Blueberry Muffins. And of course, my favorite Vegan Brunch recipe (but only because I haven’t tried the Tofu Benny yet), Cashew Ricotta Cheese.  I can’t recommend buying Vegan Brunch enough.  Delish!

Also, since it’s MoFo I wanted to share a small obsession of mine: (mini) kitchen wares.  I am a frugal shopper…..unless we’re talking plates, bowls, baking pans, spatulas, and/or anything related to cooking.  But not just any cooking gear- mini wares.  The smaller the better.  My shelves and cupboards are filled with tiny versions of serving dishes, baking pans, glasses- you name it.  They’re just so cute. I present my latest find:

See?  It even matches my large orange mixing bowl.  It’s like it was meant to be- it’s even MoFo orange!  So cute!

PS. My sausages turned out great. Maybe there’s something to this 8am sausage thing after all.