One of my first memories as a child was sitting in my booster seat anxiously waiting for my mom to cook up my favorite meal of all time. Years later I learned how to veganize it and now I make it all the time for my family. It’s a quick and simple meal that’s perfect for any busy vegan on the go.  One thing I can guarantee you, this recipe will revolutionize the way you cook.


Vegan Toast Au Pain


  • 1 – 2 slices of bread (any flavor of bread will do)


Place bread into a toaster or toaster oven until lightly browned on both sides.  Be careful not to overcook!  Top browned bread with a topping of your choice.

This recipe is so versatile!  Try making it for breakfasts, lunches, or dinners!  Try topping your Toast Au Pain with vegan butter, peanut butter, or jam for a tasty meal.  You could even top Toast Au Pain with fruit such as bananas!  Use different styles of bread to create a Toast Au Pain Platter for parties.  Toast Au Pain also makes a perfect no fuss, no muss date meal or picnic food.

Another variation: Using two pieces of bread, leave untoasted, add toppings of your choice, and put together to make a “sandwich.”  So many variations, so many ways to have a delicious and quick vegan meal!

Chef’s note: Save time by purchasing pre-sliced bread at the local bakery.  Sometimes you’ll be able to find it prepackaged in the “bread” aisle of the grocery store.

Properly cooked Toast Au Pain:


Overcooked Toast Au Pain:


Photo credit (top): Nick Saltmarsh via Flickr, abbyladybug via Flickr, Jon’s pics via Flickr