About Charleen Angle

Charleen Angle is a lover of all the Earth's animals an all the Earth's music. Trained in the Fine Arts, she's an outspoken and compassionate 13 year vegan who will spend the rest of her life working on behalf of animals everywhere.

Vegan News 6.17.13

James Cameron talks vegan, animals in Ghana face serious threat, vegan diets becoming more popular among athletes, neonicotinoids affect more than just bees

Vegan News 5.31.13

Feral cats and wildlife, lion mugs for Boulder camera, US sued over wildlife killing policy, Kenya amends Wildlife Act, Feds sued over oil dispersant safety

Vegan News 5.30.13

Bees resistant to Roundup seized & Queens killed, China company buys Smithfield pork producer to meet demand for meat, GM salmon can breed with wild fish and pass on genes

Vegan News 5.29.13

PCRM, Paula Deen & vegan food all in one story, Sloths being illegally traded in Columbia, largest black bear ever to be found in Florida

Vegan News 5.28.13

Steak vs. veggie burger- which is greener,? amphibians are disappearing at an alarming rate, University of Wisconsin wants to block records pertaining to animal testing