About Charleen Angle

Charleen Angle is a lover of all the Earth's animals an all the Earth's music. Trained in the Fine Arts, she's an outspoken and compassionate 13 year vegan who will spend the rest of her life working on behalf of animals everywhere.

Vegan News 6.25.13

Indonesian slash & burn fires, climate change to cause animal traffic, bears relocated, campaign to ban carriage horses in Sacramento

Vegan News 6.21.13

Iceland resumes whale hunting, landscapers kill tens of thousands of bees with insecticide, geese killed to 'protect' aircraft, marijuana threatens forest animals

Vegan News 6.20.13

Photo project captures gloomy life of zoo animals, bird conservation is worth the money, petition to close Indiana animal shelter, Florida lagoon site of mass animal deaths.

Vegan News 6.19.13

Red meat equals diabetes, vegan problems, comic book hero fights for animals, animal abuser registry law passes in NY, tear gas in Turkish protests killing animals

Vegan News 6.18.13

Vegan bodybuilder on "gorilla" diet, PA toughens law on animal fighting, hunting in Kansas whooping crane area, Ag gag and pork producers.