About Guest Contributor, Linden Mackey

Linden Mackey is a relatively new convert to veganism, February 4th marking one year since making this momentous decision. She views veganism as a spiritual as well as an ethical discipline, impacting the world one bite at a time. She is also looking forward to finding more ways to advocate for animals, particularly at the (relatively) nearby Farm Sanctuary. Always an avid cook, Linden is enjoying the revitalized creativity in discovering the universe of fantastically delicious vegan dishes – key to converting her husband and two sons and fueling her one-day dream of being involved with a vegan-only restaurant.

Preachy Vegans Redux

Speaking out, preaching or not, gives all who hear you the opportunity to listen, look, and perhaps make just even that very first small change.

Keeping the Vegan Faith

The gift of sleeping each night knowing that to the best of my ability I have not harmed any living creature – that is the higher calling I strive to fulfill each day.