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Cover for the film, Give Me Shelter. Features a close-up of a tiger.

Give Me Shelter

2015 · Unrated · 1h 31m


Give Me Shelter is a film to raise awareness for the most important animal welfare issues around the world. This award-winning documentary created and produced by Katie Cleary with a directorial debut by Kristin Rizzo sheds light on the work that many different individuals and animal welfare organizations do in a way that has never been done before. The movie exposing the stark reality of such crucial issues facing our world today such as the underground black market trade of wild and exotic animals, puppy mills, poaching, animal abuse and neglect, the fur industry, circus, seal clubbing, horse slaughter, the palm oil industry, shark finning, the pet industry and so on.

Give Me Shelter is about the people who dedicate their lives every day to help raise awareness for these important issues and who also rescue, rehabilitate and care for these animals while facing their own struggles to support their passion for animals. Give Me Shelter has the capability of changing the lives of a vast array of species around the world whose issues otherwise would not be exposed.

About the Filmmakers

Give Me Shelter was produced by Virgil Films & Entertainment and directed by Kristen Rizzo. Find out more about the film at


“Must see movie” – Russell Simmons, Actor

“Just finished watching a profoundly moving documentary on animal abuse called Give Me Shelter. This particular film is so impactful and so educational as it tackles almost every category of animal issues/abuse: from puppy mills to elephant poaching, skinning Tigers to Circus’, testing on chimpanzees to eating horses.” Reed goes on to confess, “Yes, it’s uncomfortable. Yes, it made me cry. Yes, it’s excruciatingly painful. But how can we create awareness and inspire change without information?…I am so livid, so distraught so outraged by what I’ve just seen. Please, if you have a heart, watch this film.” – Nikki Reed, Actress

“Excellent! Very informative without feeling “preachy”. Highly recommend this film!” – Randall Rankin, Amazon

“A must watch! Amazing film, opened my eyes!” – Nick Lukich, Amazon


Cover for the film, Give Me Shelter. Features a close-up of a tiger.

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