Project Description

Cover for the film, Turlock. Features a dark background with a man holding a chicken on the right hand side.


2013 · Unrated · 50m


Turlock chronicles the rescue of chickens from the largest animal neglect case in U.S. history.

When Northern California animal sanctuary Animal Place finds out a factory farm in nearby Turlock has closed, and more than 50,000 hens have been abandoned and left to die without food or water, a team of professionals and volunteers spring into action to save as many lives as they can.

Against considerable odds, considerable stakes, and a dramatic standoff with local authorities that leaves them powerless as they witness tremendous animal cruelty, neglect, and suffering, the heroic rescuers somehow find light in the fragile beings they are able to save.

Turlock also raises timely questions about how we view non-human animals and modern industrial egg farming, a living nightmare for hundreds of millions of hens in the U.S. alone.

Whether caged, cage-free, or free-range, these quirky, social, loving animals are denied all natural behaviors, experience fear, and stress, and suffer from diseases. The film also introduces several chickens lucky enough to be adopted into happy homes, where their unique personalities are allowed to blossom.

About Animal Place: Animal Place is a non-profit sanctuary that rescues abused farmed animals. Nestled on 600-acres in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California, Animal Place provides safe haven to 300 cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys, goats, and rabbits. In addition to the sanctuary, Animal Place’s 60-acre Rescue Ranch is an innovative adoption center home to temporary rescues before they go to new homes. Animal Place advocates on behalf of farmed animals, encouraging the transition to a vegan lifestyle.

About the Filmmakers

Turlock was produced by First Spark Media in association with Animal Place and directed by Keegan Kuhn. Find out more about the film at

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