Project Description

Cover for the film, Behind the Mask. Features a red background with a image of a person in a mask carrying a dog to safety.

Behind the Mask: The Story of The People Who Risk Everything to Save Animals

2006 · Unrated · 1h 10m


Behind the Mask: The Story of the People Who Risk Everything to Save Animals is a documentary film about the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) that too more than three years to complete.

Created by animal-rights lawyer Shannon Keith, this documentary serves as a response to the misinformation against the animal rights movement that’s ever-present in mainstream media.

The eye-opening documentary is about animal rights activists who break into laboratories and other facilities to provide raw footage of the living conditions of the animals. It includes well-known names within the movement, some of whom are in prison for taking direct action.

About the Filmmakers

Behind the Mask was produced by Uncaged Films & ARME (Animal Rescue Media & Education) and directed by Shannon Keith. Find out more about the film at Behind the Mask .


“Great watch. Opens up the animal testing industry. I don’t recommend the raids but I do recommend these testing labs rehoming the animals with qualified rescue organizations such as Beagle Freedom Project. I don’t agree with animal testing at and hope that someday soon they will use alternative methods that already have been proven effective.” – Lynn Bowen, Amazon

“Great movie to put the industry into a real perspective. See this movie if you are ready to broaden your horizon and vision of how we treat other earthlings here on our planet.” – Angie, Amazon

“Terrific documentary. A very eye-opening piece about the everyday oppression of animals but also that of the individuals legally or illegally fighting for them. What’s done to animals in lab experiments for “science” is shocking. But what the government imposes on activists for simply standing up for what they believe in is even more shocking. Truly inspiring film and its a call to action for everyone who watches. Highly recommend!” – Amazon customer


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