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Cover for the film, Minimalism. Features two men standing on the side of a desert-like road.


2016 · Unrated · 1h 17m


How might your life be better with less? Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things examines the many flavors of minimalism by taking the audience inside the lives of minimalists from all walks of life—families, entrepreneurs, architects, artists, journalists, scientists, and even a former Wall Street broker—all of whom are striving to live a meaningful life with less.

About the Filmmakers

Minimalism: a Documentary About the Important Things was produced by The Minimalists, LLC and directed by Matt D’Avella. Find out more about the film at


“Important environmental message…you don’t need a ton of crap to live comfortably. For me, material belongings come with a price…it’s not what you pay at the store. Belongings clutter up a house, some need to be maintained, and make moving day more difficult. I am surprised that this pair of guys figured out a way to “sell” the message to the general public. I worked in Yellowstone National Park during the summer of 2015. After a summer of no tv and little radio, “re-entry” into society made me aware of how many commercials are shot at us each day. The film is edited well and upbeat.” – Kitchen King, Amazon

“This was a great introduction to Minimalism for me to share with my family. My two kids have filled the 32 gallon trash can that is our families “donate/good will” place twice since watching this film. I am finding some of these other reviewers a bit irritating – there is bound to be some repetition in how folks answer questions – especially if they are answering the same questions. Bottom line – these guys have a great message to share and it does bear repeating – If you are someone who is well versed and immersed in Minimalism this documentary may not be for you. If however, you’d like a delightful overview of the subject and/or especially are introducing someone to the subject – it is perfect.” – Paula Kulhanek, Amazon

“Minimalism is so much more than just reducing the amount of material possessions in your life. It’s about living in a simple, stress-free environment where you can optimize what’s most important to you, and your family. The Minimalists hit the nail on the head with their discussion on “compulsory consumption.” For years, and even today, many of us rely on material things to bring us happiness, yet, the void we are trying to fill still remains. Get rid of the clutter (the things that are really in the way of your happiness) and find what’s most important to you…then you will find your true happiness!” – Brenda Cambra, Amazon

“We’ve been trying to live a more deliberate life, paring down our possessions to what we truly value. We’ve have been following The Minimalists (books, podcasts) for a year or so now. Were very excited to finally be able to watch the documentary which is just so well done. The production value alone is top-notch and the message is inspiring. I think you’ll find what could be a dry subject to be highly engaging. I strongly recommend this movie to everyone looking to simplify their lives…and shouldn’t we all?” – C. Edwards, Amazon

“The filmmakers are on the vanguard of the growing minimalism movement. This documentary is a great snapshot of some of the best thinkers and activists in the philosophy today. The best part of all is how genuinely likable the filmmakers are. I started listening to their podcast and following their website after seeing the film and have learned so much more about pragmatically applying minimalist philosophy to my life. Two thumbs way up!” – Bob Smith, Amazon


Cover for the film, Minimalism. Features two men standing on the side of a desert-like road.

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