Have you noticed how many -tarian’s there are these days?  Lacto-ovo vegetarian, Lacto vegetarian, Ovo vegetarian, Su Vegetarian, Flexitarian, Pescetarian, Pollotarianism, or my favorite- the Semi-Vegetarian.  And there’s more, so many more that I didn’t even list.

I, myself, am a truth-etarian.  I believe in speaking about animals in a respectful, unapologetic manner that sheds light (aka, the truth) on consuming animal products.

Truth: If you consume animals in any way, you are an omnivore.  Period.  I know it pisses people off to hear that, I know.  But whether you are consuming a hamburger from a fast food joint, or cheese from the gourmet health food stores, you are still consuming animals.  Similarly, exclaiming that you don’t eat food with faces while wearing your leather boots and carrying your leather purse, still means that you are consuming animals.

One doesn’t necessarily have to eat the animal to support the industry that raises, slaughters, and profits from its death.

Listen, before you get all worked up, I acknowledge that there is some good that comes from being one of those -tarian’s.  Anytime you can promote the reduction of consuming animals (and animal by-products) is good, right?  Only insofar as that one individual act helps, but advocating for the reduction of killing is not what I’m about.  I believe that if you consume animals, in any way, you are an omnivore- choosing which animals to kill for what reasons- plain and simple.

Maybe labels don’t matter this much.  But it gets under my skin when people put animals into ethical categories for deciding their fate of life or death.

It’s Ok to eat fish, they can’t feel, can they?

My Easter eggs were from free-range chickens, the carton said so.

I only eat organic cheese from happy cows.

My leather jacket is cool, and besides, the cow was already dead.

Under.  My.  Skin.