Virgils Creamsoda

Our thoughts on Virgil’s Cream Soda:

If I ever want a cream soda again, I will buy this stuff.

This stuff makes me want to dump it all over some vanilla ice cream.

A bit too sweet and not fizzy enough- but otherwise perfect. No, I take all that back, it’s perfect.

I want to pour this stuff on some creamy, creamy ice cream.

Vanilla-y – not that nasty extract crap either, this stuff is the real deal.

Unbleached pure cane sugar!  No high fructose nastiness.

Virgil's Cream Soda Label

You know what would be good?  If we made ice cream floats with this stuff!

Did someone say Cream Soda Floats?

Goatz Rating 5So, by mutual consensus of these two ranting fools, Virgil’s Cream Soda gets 5 Goatz, for simply bein’ so damn good.