I am a lover of all things cookie. No, really- I love cookies. I’m the kind of girl who will shamefully eat cookies right from the freezer, you know- if I had to. I can’t think of a time that cookies don’t make things better. Had a long day at work? Cookies are there for you. Want to share your friendship with someone? Cookies will bring you closer. Want to make someone think you are a culinary god(dess) in the kitchen? Cookies will woo them. (Of course I have no personal experience with this last one, I’m just sayin’) What I’m getting at is that cookies pretty much rule the world. I bow down to the cookie.

Luckily for me there’s a ton of awesome tasting vegan cookies out there, like these Liz Lovely Ginger Snapdragon Cookies, that makes non-vegan cookies run and hide. But not all vegan cookies are created equal.

Meet Mr. Frog iced cookie by Cookies, for Me?

Cookies for Me?

Aren’t they cute?  They had all these cute shapes, I wanted to snoogle each and every cookie.  I found this cookie the day before I started a vegan detox.  SCORE! Cookies?  Before detox?  Yes, please.

I’m pretty serious about my job as a taste tester for all things vegan, so I didn’t waste any time getting the cookie out of the parking lot before I busted into it to scarf down taste it.  I took my first, and last, bite of my frog’s head.  This cookie…..it just wasn’t good.  I’m sorry, I wanted it to be.  It’s so darling, and iced, and cute, and vegan- and I wanted to like it.  I was looking forward to liking it.  We were going to be the best of pals, the frog cookie and me.  I was heartbroken when it tasted like….not good.

First, it had a strange taste- one that is pretty hard to describe.  It was also hard, which I normally don’t mind- but the combo of flavor and hardness was too much for me.  I didn’t finish it.  I ended up giving the cookie to my dogs, which they enjoyed.  Which isn’t saying anything, they love worms as well.

As with most reviews I do, I went to the company website to check it out.  It’s a really darling website (aside from the theme music that starts when you get there, and change pages, seriously- please, turn it off).  I got sucked in to the about us page where you learn the story behind the company.  It’s precious and heartwarming, the company was founded on love- that’s awesome.  From Chef Jamie:

This is not just a passion for me but a labor of love. I want anyone that might have these sensitivities to feel special and know that they can get delicious bakery cookies like anyone else. If you could have seen Matthew’s face light up when he saw these decorated sugar cookies for him your heart would melt. He grabbed a cookie, took a bite then ran upstairs to wake his dad and tell him “mommy made cookies for me.”

Makes you want to run out and grab a couple dozen cookies, doesn’t it?  I know!

Well, I’m hoping that my cookie experience with Cookies, for Me? is a fluke.  Maybe I just got a bad one.  I really want to like this cookie, maybe their other cookies are better?  I hope so, because this one just wasn’t yummy.

Goatz Rating 1

I give Cookies, for Me? 1 Goat for making me want to buy a bunch of their cookies with a heartwarming story, even though the cookies didn’t taste very yummy.