Earth Balance

Earth Balance is the most popular choice among vegans for an alternative to butter.  And today, Earth Balance showed us vegans a little bit about the culture of the company by sending out the above tweet.

And that tweet brought forth much fury in the vegan community.  Folks are pissed that a vegan product is promoting someone who profits off of the lives of animals.  However, Earth Balance has no obligation to promote a vegan lifestyle with it’s products- but, it certainly takes advantage of the vegan niche, don’t they?  All of the product descriptions on their website boasts that the products are vegan.  In fact, vegan is prominently displayed in the right hand corner of each product.

I’m willing to bet that the majority of Earth Balance’s customers are vegan or vegetarian.  I mean, it’s us vegans that made Earth Balance the Number 1 most recommended alternative to butter among us vegans- not folks who eat dairy butter.  So it’s extra baffling that Earth Balance would slap at the faces whom eat their products.

But that isn’t even the real question.  The real question is, how many vegans are going to continue to support a company that promotes the very thing that they advocate against? People will often overlook the power of one, themselves.  Every decision you make affects change, it’s simply what change are you going to affect?

I advocate for animals, and that means that I’m going to use my voting power (money) to support companies that support my values.  There are, gasp, other vegan buttery spreads and you can always make your own.  I don’t want to provide Earth Balance any additional profits (over what I’ve already given them) to advertise for folks who make their profit from the lives of others (IE: Joel Salatin who “can’t live without pigaerator pork sausage”).  And, as much as I may have loved them before, that means that I won’t be buying Earth Balance any longer.

What will you do?