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Decoding Wellness Secrets in Decatur

By Franklin Morris, Guest Contributor

I live to work for causes I believe in. Wellness Secrets, a vegan lifestyle center in Decatur, Arkansas, is no exception.

Franklin Morris

This is me doing a health lecture in New Mexico with Wellness Secrets.

I’ve been a vegetarian for 19 years and a vegan for 6 years, so I was very thankful to do my last ten week internship at Wellness Secrets before graduating and working at my school’s vegan cafeteria. America is crying out for health care reform, but studies have shown that this epidemic must be addressed in reference to our diet and lifestyle. We cannot be content trying to resolve our health issues by symptom treating. America needs to start asking real questions like: “Has my lifestyle contributed to my illness?” I share the sentiments of Dr. Colin Campbell that nutrition is the future of medicine.

After completing my internship at Wellness Secrets, I wholeheartedly believe that their 5 day live in program and health seminars in Arkansas, other states, and around the world provides a real, pragmatic solution for many Americans. When people come to live at their health center for 5 days, not only are they told about the dangers of eating meat and dairy, but they also have the opportunity of participating in hands on vegan cooking classes, which allows them to immediately put in practice what they learn. All of the workers at Wellness Secrets are vegan themselves, so guests are able to see living examples of how proper nutrition contributes to vibrant health. In addition to spreading the message of veganism, Wellness Secrets looks at the health needs of the whole person, which includes their exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest, and trust in God.

It was really rewarding interning at Wellness Secrets because I saw with my own eyes that people were very appreciative for their program. As I hopped on a plane to transition into being my school’s vegan cafeteria manager, I was happy that I could reflect on my time at Wellness Secrets and know that it was well spent.

Food from Wellness Secrets’ Cooking Class in New Mexico


Food from Wellness Secrets’ Cooking Class in New Mexico

Here’s a video I made describing my experience in more detail: