Ohio’s deer season for gun hunters got off to a big start.  The state Division of Wildlife says hunters bagged more than 37,800 white-tailed deer on Monday’s opening day of the nine-day season.

Bagged.  Such a blatant disregard for, what used to be, a beautiful creature.

This news snippet brought to mind another that I wrote earlier:

Life is a Highway and I want off.

I wanted to tell you that you’re not alone, that I understand what you are trying to say.  My heart breaks too when I witness such disregard, I hold back the tears because, really, what’s the fucking point anymore- right?  Their deaths seem to be without meaning, random acts of carelessness and selfishness that my mind can’t seem to wrap itself around.  I close my eyes and think of them, when no one else seems to, and hope that they didn’t feel fear or pain- knowing full well that they did.

I wish that I could say how sorry I am to them, the nameless ones.  I would say that I’m sorry that your life was cut short.  I’m sorry that your habitats have been destroyed, leaving you to live in the backyards of men.  I’m sorry that you don’t understand what a “freeway” is and to stay away from them.  I am sorry that you were scared.  I’m sorry that I couldn’t do more- even though I wish that I could.

Roadside Death of a Deer

But I can’t.

So I pass by, just like all the others, and wish that it was different.  Just like you.  That’s why we’re vegan you know.  So take comfort, a small one, that I’m here with you.  We are doing what we can, what we are able to do, to save one life at a time.

It’s important and I’m glad you’re here with me.