I can’t believe it’s our first Follow Friday Spotlight of the new year!  Yay!  Meet @suzieqhempseed, @joyvalencia, @veganmusic, and @thestreetsiknow!!

[box style=”none”]Suzie Q Hemp Food

Name: Karmiin Germane aka @suzieqhempseed

Self-proclaimed bio: I’m a mother, a lover, a vegan, an artist and a “foodie”–an organic one at that… oh– and there is this seed I like to incorporate into everything. Yeap– hemp seeds.

You should know that: I live with my partner, two kids and a bunch of dogs on the beautiful Northern California coast. When I’m not blogging and bird watching (from the window by my desk) you can find me frequenting a variety health food stores, festivals, farmers markets & art walks. I enjoy belly laughing, long walks on the beach, green juice, my Vitamix, Salad Master cookwear & To-goware bamboo utensils.

You can check out her website at www.suzieqhempfood.com

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[box style=”none”] Joy Valencia

Name: Joy Valencia aka @VeganMusic and @joyvalencia

Self-proclaimed bio: Indie PsychPop Singer/Songwriter & Producer – Sep Artist of the Month on Stereofame.. makin music my damn self!

You should know that: “The main reason I’m vegan is that I don’t want to contribute to the culture of suffering. I strongly urge anyone who is curious to look up videos and see how these animals live and die.  On a personal note, after becoming vegan, I feel healthy, lighter, and I crave nutritious food. I think about food as fuel that gives me energy. And I feel good knowing that I’m not putting the energy of suffering animals into my body.”

You can check out her website at www.joyvalenciamusic.com

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[box style=”none”]The Streets I Know

Name: Melanie aka @TheStreetsIKnow

Self-proclaimed bio: Vegan Fashion Blog. 9yr vegan helping u put the compassion into fashion. For the animals, for the earth & for the people. Vegan is the new black!

You should know that: Melanie says, “I’m Melanie and I’ve been vegan for 9 years. I’ve worked as a texitle/graphic designer in fashion since 2001. I live in Toronto with my 2 adorable kitties Mosi and Beanie. I’m very passionate about vegan fashion and I’m super excited to share my passion with you in the form of this blog.

You can check out her blog at www.thestreetsiknow.com.

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