Vintage Valentine CardsI’m going to admit it, I like Valentine’s Day.  It’s cute.  I love making home-made gifts, I do it all the time.  Some of the best gifts you can give comes straight from your oven (or fridge).  Who doesn’t love home-baked love?

We received a great home-baked valentine idea from EatPastry (from our free ad blitz) that I just have to share.

(For those who don’t know, EatPastry makes scrumptious looking vegan cookie dough- in pints. You can eat it baked or raw.)

(Baked or raw!)

(Girl squeal!)


Greetings from EatPastry!

I read your posting, and thought to share a little love story that happened last Valentine’s Day featuring our Chocoholic cookie dough…
EatPastry Vegan Cookie Dough
My brother’s girlfriend baked up a batch of Chocoholic in the shape of hearts and spelled out the letters “soulmate” with white icing on each cookie.  It really stole my brother’s heart…

So, my suggestion for Valentine’s Day is to shape your Faaaavorite EatPastry cookie dough flavor into hearts, bake, and give to your loved one! Can’t go wrong with a batch of vegan heart cookies made with lots of love!


Unique. Cute. Fun. Easy. Lots of Love.

That’s everything I like about a home-made gift.

For my fellow East Coasters, sorry- we have to skip this cute idea.  This product is only available out west, for now.  Otherwise you can bet my sweet valentine ass would be heading out to get me some.

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