Luck of the Irish? More like Luck of the Fredd!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from my family to yours!  While I’m not Irish, not even close, I love any excuse to break out my party box.  For anyone who loves to entertain, you know what I’m talking about.  The box that houses all those little things that make parties fun- from cupcake toppers to beads to flower lei’s, I’ve got something for every occasion.  I’m in full planning mode, deciding if I should wear my green beads or go crazy with beads and a green hat.  Oh the decisions!  What about you?  Still haven’t planned your St. Patrick’s Day meal?  Don’t worry you still have time.  Maybe you’re only worried about the green beer.  No worries, I’ve got that too.

Luck of the (vegan) Irish Recipes and Treats from around the web…..

Geting your (vegan) drink (drunk) on.

A quick note about becoming a vegan imbiber.  Go, have fun.  Meet up with friends, dance with strangers, have a good time.  When you are ready to leave, please don’t drink and drive.  Plan ahead, get a designated driver, call a cab, call a friend, call your mom.  Just don’t do it.  All it takes is one time, one mistake, to change lives.  It’s not worth it. 

Please, drink responsibly.

  • Barnivore, of course, is the go-to guide for vegan drinking.
  • Want to make your own Vegan Bailey’s for your Irish Coffee?  Got you covered!