Vegans Love Twitter on Saturday Too

By Published On: 19 March 2011Last Updated: 17 January 2017

Due to unavoidable circumstances, I totally missed Follow Friday! No matter, I'm spotlighting three vegan tweeters on a Saturday. That's just how I roll.

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Due to unavoidable circumstances, I totally missed Follow Friday!  No matter, I’m spotlighting three vegan tweeters on a Saturday.  That’s just how I roll.  So without further babbling on my part, meet @TheTastyVegan, @AstigVegan, and @VeganProtest.

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[box style=”none”]Leigh Matthews

Name: Leigh M. aka @TheTastyVegan

Self-proclaimed bio: Freelance Writer, nutritional medicine student, vegan, feminist, Eng/Phil grad, and baker. Disguised as a cupcake…

You should know that: “The Tasty Vegan is the personal blog and online rant-pot for Leigh Matthews, a freelance writer, vegan, nutrition student, baker, and occasional poet.  She also loves writing in the third person, and telling everyone how great she is. Leigh spent many years working in healthfood and nutrition retail and now works as a freelance writer.”

You can check out her blog at

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Name: RG and TJ aka @AstigVegan

Self-proclaimed bio: Astig Means Badass in Tagalog (Filipino Dialect). RG & TJ blog about everything Astig Vegan.

You should know that: “RG Enriquez blogs with fellow Astig, TJ, about recipes they either “veganized” or originally created. Both of them also love to organize vegan potlucks with friends, often kicking butt in the game of charades.  TJ Basa has self-proclaimed herself to be the resident vegan pundit, providing plenty of personal and political commentary, whether solicited or not.”

You can check out Astig Vegan at

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Name: @VeganProtest

Self-proclaimed bio: We get vegan food into the hands of peaceful demonstrators throughout the world who believe in democracy and justice.

You should know that: “Vegan Protest Fuel gets vegan food into the hands of peaceful demonstrators throughout the world who are rising up for democracy, freedom and justice.  We partner with local activists and restaurants to provide delicious, sustaining, and cruelty-free vegan meals to vegans, vegetarians and omnivores.”

You can check out this awesome program at

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