The Vegan Pen Pals Project

By Kaycee Bassett, Guest Contributor

What ever happened to good old fashion hand written… anything?! There is nothing like receiving a hand written letter from a friend, a loved one, or a stranger for that matter. When you receive something written by hand, you know that person took the time to sit down and do something just for you. You can sense their presence through their writing; it is so much more personal than an email. Anyone can write an email right? Hey, you can send 100 people an email at the same time if you want to. That doesn’t seem like it takes very much thought at all.

Pen Pals

I was really missing the days when writing and connecting with people was more personal. Everything is email and social networks these days, and I feel like you don’t really get to know other people as well as you really could. (Are you really friends with your 750 friends on Facebook? I’m guessing no.)

So here’s the scoop: I made a way for vegans and aspiring vegans to connect. Remember those things called Pen Pals? Well let’s get back into that, but with a twist… how about Vegan Pen Pals?!

This is how it works

• You fill out the form. (Be as detailed as possible.)
• I find you a Pen Pal. (Matched based on the info you have provided.)
• I will email both of you letting you know a little about the other, then I will assign one of you to write the other first.
• You send your letters to me, then I send the letters to them. (For the sake of each others’ privacy. If you want to eventually exchange addresses, that is great too.)
• If would help me out if you could provide an extra stamp in your letter, but if you don’t it will still make it to its destination. (Just a stamp is fine, I can provide the other envelope.)


• Please be nice and tasteful.
• Please let me know if you have any issues with your Pen Pal and I can get you a new one.

To get set up with your very own pen pal, please visit Vegan Machine’s Pen Pals Project to fill out the form!

Photo: Andreas Nilsson