Recently I came across a bunch of papers from my English Composition classes in college.  Incidentally, you wouldn’t believe the things I save- wow.  Anyway, I found these papers written in 2005-2007 and they are incredibly fascinating.  Holy crap my writing was…rough.  But beyond that, it’s incredible to see my evolution from new vegetarian to vegan to vegan activist.  I see glimpses of a budding activist in my very first 15-minute in class writing assignment.

That’s just so. cool.

So I thought that I’d share my crappy college writing with you- rather, I thought I’d share my vegan evolution with you.  Maybe you’ll find it as interesting as I do.  Oh, and before you ask, I did get an A in all my English Comp classes.  I just rock like that :)

Where did I come from and where am I going? An in class assignment, 9 September 2005

I came from a nice, warm and cozy bed located in Ohio.  My two dogs were just as horrified as I was that 6:30am had come so quickly.  I will be leaving this class to go and get a haircut.  Let’s just say that I am thrilled about that.

I used to see myself as someone who loved to write.  I spent a great deal of time in my youth writing poetry and short stories.  Remembering them now I can tell you that they were all awful.  As I got older and entered the working force the writing that I used to do slowed until it, eventually, stopped.  I find that I now prefer to read someone else’s work than my own.

As an individual I can tell you that I am a conversation piece.  My unusual job and way of life give me an opening to start conversations with just about anyone.  In addition, I have an outgoing and quirky personality.  I love to talk to people and hear how life affects them.  It gives me perspective on my own life.  I am a vegetarian who is slowing moving towards becoming a vegan.  The more that I research about food and the effects of food in our bodies the more frightened I am.  My journey into vegetarianism is continually evolving process and that idea of evolving is evident in every aspect of my life.  I strongly believe that we have a responsibility to ourselves and our world to become more refined beings through personal experience and education.  It is because of these beliefs that it is difficult to tell you today who I am because today, who I am, may not be who I will become tomorrow.  But then again, that is the greatest part of evolution.  We can evolve to become better, smarter and more responsible for our actions as we educate ourselves about those around us and the effects we have on people or the environment.  Individuals have the power to change the world.  I am an individual who is looking forward to do just that.

Photo (not included with original writing) credit: paloetic via Flickr