HELL YES. Finally, FINALLY, a cooking competition show that vegans can actually root for. Food Network has listened to thousands of its fans and created a vegan version of Chopped, the popular cooking competition where chefs must create meals out of “mystery basket” ingredients.

There’s a million good things about this.  I don’t want to give too much away in case you haven’t seen the episode BUT, this episode makes me want to hug everyone at Food Network- including the contestants and the winner in this episode.

I love love love that this episode features ingredients that vegans are familiar with.  I love that I could think of what I’d do with the ingredients- a first for me watching any other cooking competition show.  And as an ethical vegan, I love nearly everything that came out of Rich Landau’s eloquent mouth.  If you don’t already know, Rich Landau owns a vegan restaurant, Vedge, in Philadelphia and specializes in vegan cooking.

This episode features great ingredients, some great vegan cooking, and even a vegan dilemma.  I found myself cheering and clapping and carrying on at this episode.  Veganism has really pushed itself into the public eye.  And it couldn’t look more delicious.  Good work Food Network, good work.

If you missed the episode, catch it in it’s entirety below.  (Please note that any popup advertisements are coming directly from Videobull and not from YDV. Simply click them off to watch the video. They’re annoying, I know.  I’m sorry about that.)

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