Make a Pit Stop and Vote for the Vegan Food Truck of the Year

By Crystal Tremblay, Guest Contributor

Although not a completely vegan website, Mobile Cuisine is always proud to provide their readers with articles that spread different dietary lifestyles, vegan including.  They have even gone so far as to designate their Monday features to promote Meatless Monday’s, along with their staff actually adopting the MM lifestyle.  Recently, they put up an article asking their readers to submit their choice for America’s favorite vegetarian or vegan food truck/cart.  They then calculated the top 10, which had to be changed to 11 because of the amount of submissions.

If you missed the first phase of this contest, you are in luck because they have moved on to the second phase, which is voting for the best of the best.  There are some heavy hitters such as The Cinnamon Snail and The Seabirds Truck and some newcomers such as Taco Party Truck and Like No Udder.  I admit, I chose those as the newcomers because they are from Boston and Providence, so my little New England heart had to give them a shout out!

Voting will be open for two weeks (July 29th), so get the word out and vote for your favorite.

Photo Credit:  gordonwatts