The “V” Word: Get It. Cook It. Eat It.

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The “V” Word: Get It. Cook It. Eat It.

The “V” Word: Get It. Cook It. Eat It.

By Crystal Tremblay, Guest Contributor

You walk into your local bookstore and see a selection of new cookbooks and wish you had enough to buy them all. Then something worse even happens. You buy a cookbook and actually realize it is not your style. Now you have to go back and hope you can return it for something you hope it better. Doesn’t some part of you wish you could preview a book before you buy it, especially in this economy? Well we have some good news for you!

Rhea Parsons of The “V” Word is offering a free, yes FREE, The “V” Word Cookbook Preview. No gimmicks, just send her an email with your full name and email address and she will email you a 39-page e-book preview of the cookbook. What are you waiting for? Get over to the page, send an email, start cooking, and enjoy!

Crystal went vegan after a professor opened her eyes to the horrors of factory farming. She earned a degree in Environmental Science and another in Politics and Law. Always a fan of the written word, Crystal writes about veganism in all facets of life including college papers, social media, and most recently, her vegan blog.

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  1. Rhea July 2, 2013 at 1:30 pm - Reply

    Thank you so much for spreading the word! I’m speechless!

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