Vegan Doughnuts On The Go

By Crystal Tremblay, Guest Contributor

So you finally found a vegan bakery that carries the most amazing donuts.  The only problem?  They are not in your neighborhood or are out of your way.  What’s a doughnut-crazed vegan to do?  Well if you live in Austin, TX, you can now up your chances of getting said doughnut as Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery has recently opened a food truck!

According to their website, Red Rabbit was inspired by Capitalism:  A Love Story.  They originally started off as a wholesale operation in 2011 and expanded to a variety of coffee shops and farmers markets, now also including a food truck.  Red Rabbit is the second all-vegan food truck to join the North Loop neighborhood and offers flavors such as Maple Glazed with Mexican Chocolate Glazed, Vanilla Lavender, and Coffee Glazed.

Photo Credit:  Apple Fritters courtesy of Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery