Vegan Coffee & Tea Gift Guide

A gift guide for vegan coffee and tea lovers.

There are few things more satisfying than a well-stocked cupboard of teas and coffees- except perhaps a well-stocked cabinet of coffee & tea related gadgets. 

For your java & leaf-loving friends, I offer up the following gift choices, from the fanciful to the indispensable- all designed to help make the ultimate cuppa.

Vegan Coffee & Tea Gift Guide 2017 | Your Daily Vegan

Baby Dino Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

I am obsessed with this Mini Dino Loose Leaf Tea Infuser, it’s beyond adorable. The soft BPA-free dino is flexible and made of food-grade silicone. Make tea-time just a little cuter with this fancy fellow.


  • Easy to use, simply fill bottom half and place in tea to steep.
  • Easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.
  • Eliminates tea debris from loose leaf teas.

(Amazon, $9.97)

Reindeer Color-Changing Nordic Mug

DavidsTea Nordic Mug - Coffee & Tea Gift Guide - Your Daily Vegan

To make sure I am recommending the very best tea gifts, I consult Taryn who works for DAVIDsTEA every year on what she thinks are the must-have gift for tea lovers. The color-changing Nordic Mug is always on her list. According to Taryn, “They’re the perfect shape to hold in your hands all cozy, and they come with their own lid and infuser!”

The bonus? The Nordic Mug is adorable AND it changes color giving you the perfect reason to fill and refill over and over again.


  • The design changes colour when you pour in hot water
  • Finely perforated stainless steel infuser fits most cups and teapots
  • Lid doubles as a coaster for your infuser

(DavidsTea, $25.00)

Takeya Flash Chill 2 Quart Iced Tea Maker

The Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker traps the flavor vapors and nutrients released while flash chilling. This forces the vapors and nutrients back into the tea. Now you can enjoy the perfect glass of iced tea anytime within minutes.


  • Makes 8 servings of iced tea (2 Quarts)
  • Make fresh brewed iced tea in minutes
  • Use any loose leaf tea/tea bags
  • The airtight lid keeps iced tea fresh while storing. Store on its side or in fridge door.
  • BPA free Material
  • Comes in 4 different colors

(Amazon, $29.01)

Numi Organic Teas: Tea by Moods Gift Set

The Numi Organic Tea, Tea by Mood Gift Set inspires tea lovers to embrace their moods with a tea to pair with it. These premium loose leaf teas & herbs are blended with real fruits, flowers, and spices. Plus, all Numi Teas are organic, sugar-free, fragrance-free, and vegan.

(Amazon, $23.86)

Tea: History, Terriors, Varieties

Tea: History, Terroirs, Varieties is the complete guide to the world’s second most popular beverage — only water exceeds worldwide tea consumption. Lauded as one of the best books on tea, this book takes you on an escorted tour of the world’s largest tea-growing countries; China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, and East Africa.


  • An overview of the history of tea
  • Tea families, varieties, cultivars and grades
  • How tea is grown, harvested and processed
  • The tea trade worldwide
  • Timeline of the world history of tea cultivation
  • Profile interviews with tea industry personalities

Special features:

  • Local tastes and methods of preparing tea
  • Tea ceremonies
  • Tasting notes and infusion accessories
  • Teapot recommendations
  • Caffeine, antioxidant and biochemical properties of 35 teas
  • 15 gourmet recipes using teas
  • A directory of 42 select teas

(Amazon, $24.95)

Field to Cup Tea Explorer Subscription

Field to Cup Tea Explorer Subscription | Vegan Coffee & Tea Gift Guide 2017 | Your Daily Vegan

Do you enjoy a cozy place to sit and a warm cup of tea? But not just any tea, quality tea that has been steeped to pure perfection? The Field to Cup Tea Explorer subscription is for you.

Each month, subscribers receive a box containing the following:

  • Carefully Curated Selection of Loose leaf teas based on selected subscription level.
  • Steeping Guide with detailed preparation instructions and more.

Teas arrive in resealable tea pouches that protect it from moisture and light. Subscribers also have first access to all new teas, 40% discounts, and reward points just for shopping. Happy sipping!

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Joco Reusable Glass Coffee Cup

The Joco Reusable Glass Coffee Cup makes my vegan gift guides every year for a couple of reasons. First, I own one and love it. Secondly, over 500 billion disposable paper, Styrofoam and single-use plastic cups are used worldwide and this figure is rapidly rising each year.

That’s a lot of cups.

Disposable cups deplete natural resources, increase C02 emissions and most are sent straight to landfill where they add to the global waste crises. Use a reusable cup for your morning brew and help cut waste.


  • Eco-friendly Cup Made from High-Grade Borosilicate Glass
  • Glass Reusable Cup With Thermal Silicone Sleeve
  • Anti-Splash Ergonomic Silicone Lid Designed For Easy Travel With Your JOCO Cup
  • A Range Of Barista Sizing – 16oz, 12oz, 8oz Glass Reusable Coffee Cups
  • An Eco-Friendly Glass Cup That Is BPA Free & Food Safe

(Amazon, $25.20)

Birds & Beans Holiday Special

There is a dark side to coffee, one that impacts birds like warblers, orioles, tanagers, wood thrushes, hummingbirds, and other birds who migrate thousands of miles to Latin America for the winter. Coffee farming practices around the globe have eliminated critical habitat for migratory birds and other free-living animals.

The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center has developed the only 100% organic and shade-grown coffee certification available: Bird Friendly. This means that you are not only getting organically produced coffee, but it also ensures tropical “agroforests” are preserved and migratory birds are able to have a safe haven when migrating to those faraway farms.

Every bean sold by Birds & Beans is certified by independent inspectors to meet the rigorous Smithsonian standards. This is a certification based on decades of objective scientific research. Bird Friendly coffee means that migratory songbirds have a better chance to survive while on their wintering grounds in the tropics.

I’ve had the immense pleasure of brewing and drinking the Wood Thrush Breakfast Roast Coffee and can tell you, it’s fantastic. Plus, it’s organic and Fair Trade. That’s what coffee should be.

The Birds & Beans Holiday Gift Set includes:

  • Two (2) 12 oz bags Wood Thrush Breakfast Roast Coffee
  • Two (2) 12 oz bags American Redstart Light Roast Coffee
  • Three (3) 12 oz bags Scarlet Tanager French Roast Coffee
  • Three (3) 12 oz bags Chestnut-sided Warbler Medium Roast Coffee
  • Two (2) 12 oz bags Baltimore Oriole French Roast DeCafe Coffee

(Birds & Beans, $120.00)

Ekobrew Universal Single Cup Brewer

Can we all agree that single-serve coffee pods are bad for the environment? It’s estimated that over 5 billion of these single-serving pods will be sold, used, and then discarded by consumers this year alone. Most of these are non-biodegradable plastic and foil, and will eventually end up in landfills.

This Ekobrew Classic Reusable Filter solves the carbon footprint problem, plus it lowers your cost for single serving pods.


  • 100% BPA free
  • One-piece construction with reinforced hinges
  • Micro-screen and perforated laser base for clean extractions

(Amazon, $6.96)

Coffee Gator Stainless Steel French Press

For years I’ve recommended coffee lovers purchase their own french press. I use one myself, and truly believe they make a better cup of coffee. In the past, I have always used a glass french press, but all of that changed the last time I dropped it on my kitchen floor and broke it. That was it for me. I have broken three glass french presses over the years and I was looking for a replacement that would; make great-tasting coffee, keep it hot, and not break. I found all of that in the Coffee Gator Stainless Steel French Press.

(Amazon, $42.97)

The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing – Coffees Explored, Explained and Enjoyed

The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing – Coffees Explored, Explained and Enjoyed is a beautiful guide to the brown bean that takes readers on a global tour of coffee-growing countries. The World Atlas of Coffee presents the bean with full-color photographs and concise, informative text.

Organized by continent and then further by country or region, The World Atlas of Coffee presents the brew in color spreads packed with information including:

  • The history of coffee generally and regionally
  • The role of colonialism
  • Map of growing regions and detail maps
  • Charts explaining differences in growing areas within a country
  • Inset boxes (For example, what is the Potato Defect? Is Cuban coffee legal in the United States?)
  • The politics of coffee and the fair trade, organic and shade grown phenomena
  • Beautiful color photographs

(Amazon, $32.33)

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