Ginger Snapdragons

These are some bad-ass cookies.

I love anything that has to do with ginger and molasses, so these cookies just had to take a journey through my digestive system.  And what a delectable, spicy journey it was.

Not your typical gingersnap cookie, Liz Lovely has created a sweet, spicy, soft, and hugely-huge cookie, cutely and cleverly called a snapdragon- and these biscuits live up to their fire-breathing mascot.  They are ginger-spicy in a Jamaican sort of way.  Huge, and I mean grande, chunks of crystallized ginger live in this cookie.  When the spicy ginger combines with the rich, sweet molasses in your mouth, it’s like that old-school peppermint patty candy commercial….

When I bite into a Liz Lovely Ginger Snapdragon….it’s like I’m whisked away…to the isle of Rasta, rum, and reggae….lying under a palm umbrella…sweating….sipping cocktails…sweating…sipping……

……oh, Ok, I’m back.  Damn, that was good.

Anyway, alls I gots to pick on Ms. Lovely about is the crazy assertion in the Nutrition Facts that a serving size is only half a cookie.  Yes, they are big cookies, but not any bigger than any other gourmet cookie on the market.  The Lovelies are denying the ultimate reality that there is no humanly possible way to eat only one-half of four full-halves of heavenly delight.  And it’s also insinuated that there’s enough in the package to share with others close to you.  Yeah, right.  Take another look:

Ginger on the Snapdragon

Now go and find these cookies.

Goatz Rating 5

I give the Liz Lovely Ginger Snapdragons 5 Goatz for making me hide from my friends while devouring all four servings and feeling good about it.