Tapioca Puddin’- The Sweet Tooth Wins Again

By Published On: 23 June 2010Last Updated: 17 January 2017

Let that cool- or not, and it's PUDDIN' TIME!

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Let's Do Organic Tapioca

I grew up on pudding- the non-vegan kind.  My mamaw would cook it on the stove, served warm.  My mama gave my brother and I these shakers that we would agitate the mix in, served chilled.  I loved it both ways.

I hadn’t had pudding in some time, on account of being vegan.  I knew tapioca existed- I had it a couple times as a kid, and I remember it being a hassle to make because of the time involved.  Tapioca pearls, the starch of the cassava plant, take awhile to cook- like dried beans.  But, now I’ve discovered granulated tapioca.  Cooks relatively quick and is quite yummy.

There are several brands on the market, and in my neck of the woods Let’s Do Organic is the most common.

The nice thing about tapioca is that you can flavor it however you please.  It’s kinda like tofu in that way.  Recipes are printed on the box, but basically, the recipe goes something like this:

  • Tapioca, water and/or  milk (soy, almond, but coconut is the best), sweetener (agave, cane, maple…), and flavor
  • Stir on low heat until granules are translucent
  • Add fixins and cool

Flavor can be anything.  That’s the beauty of it.  I’ve done choco chips, lemon extract, coconut shreds, fruit, and vanilla (though I usually always add this anyway).  I’ve got some vanilla bean pods soaking in rum right now, which will be my next flavor adventure.

The crucial thing about cooking tapioca is hanging out in the kitchen.  You’ve got to stir.  Stir, stir, stir.  Stir more.  It’s some sticky stuff to be sure- it’s a starch.  This is why the granulated bits are a godsend.  Less cooking time means less stirring time.  10-15 minutes will do it.  Let that cool- or not, and it’s PUDDIN’ TIME!

Let me tell you, tapioca can get THICK.  The thickness is directly proportional to the liquid (more liquid=more dilution), so experiment to suit your tastes.  Experimenting is fun.  And yummy.

Now, I’ve been told that, to some people, tapioca pieces remind them of fish eggs.  I think this is ridiculous, considering most people have never tried caviar.  But, if this is the case with you, then don’t buy the big pearls, buy the granulated.  Remember, it’s starch from the cassava root, that’s all.

A little of this fine vegan delight goes a long way, and a box of pearls or granules is just a few dollars.  Tapioca- so many sweet possibilities.

Goatz Rating 5

Let’s Do Organic Granulated Tapioca gets 5 Goatz for bringing this worldly delight to the masses.

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