Located in the Ohio City neighborhood in Cleveland, Johnny Mango is self-described as, “Latin American food and fresh juice bar offering vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free friendly cuisine.”  And I might add, “It is.  And its damn good.”

First, if you aren’t familiar, Ohio City is an historic and hip neighborhood.  Your traditional Cleveland-style architecture of the by-gone heyday of industrialization- gentrified and non-gentrified all at the same time.  Johnny Mango is so “neighborhood-y.”  But, back to the food.

Take a gander at their menu.  If you can’t find something that sounds good to you, you must be some kind of droid.  Here’s what we ordered:

Fried Tofu is just that, I found out later that the sauce that accompanies these is not vegan so be sure to specify when ordering.  Happy Beans on the other hand, are the daily special of beans. This day happened to give us warm, white-bean goodness, full of flavor and happiness.  Ooey, gooey happiness.

Fried Tofu & Happy Beans

Caribbean French Fries=Fried Plaintains!  We were ecstatic to devour these, but not so much to pay the hefty price of $4 for the equivalent of one plaintain.  After sharing the appetizer as one tends to do, I was left with one bite of plaintain.  That was just deliciously unfair, especially since the (other) portions at Johnny Mango are HUGE.  These guys were served with a side of kickin’ salsa, which complimented the (bite) plaintain perfectly.  Plaintains are a staple of Caribbean fair with good reason.  They’re good.

Caribbean French Fries

Burritos are pretty much build your own. They are huge. And they flavorful, and spicy if you like it.

Burritos with Black Beans, Avocado AND Guacamole

Next time you’re in Cleveland, have some Johnny Mango’s, as we did on the awesome advice of equally awesome Lindy Loo of Yeah That Vegan Shit by way of Cleveland Veganz.