China Surpasses US in Number of Veg Citizens

By Published On: 2 July 2013Last Updated: 17 January 2017

Eating meat may be a sign of prosperity in China, but they've just surpassed the US in their number of vegetarians.

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China Surpasses US in Number of Veg Citizens

By Crystal Tremblay, Guest Contributor

In a country where eating meat is a sign of prosperity, and where its citizens are taking on the SAD (Standard American Diet) like it is the newest trend, one would think the number of vegetarian or vegan citizens in China would be smaller than those in the US. The more meat you can afford, the more successful or better you are; it’s no wonder the vegetarian community was unheard of. Surprisingly though, China’s growing vegetarian community just exceeded that of the US.

China Surpasses US in Number of Veg Citizens

When asked, many in the veggie community said it was because of concerns over environmental degradation, as stated in a recent United Nations report. Long Kuan, an ex-pop singer, said this uprising is also about the animals, stating, “They really care about the environment and the quality of life, about pollution… they really care about fellow creatures on this planet, animals and even trees.” There is even a growing number of chain vegan and vegetarian restaurants, like Ginkgo Tree, that are on the rise.

Photo Credit: Peter Garnhum

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