Are There Risks to Eating Vegan?

By Published On: 19 November 2013Last Updated: 17 January 2017

I am starting to question if I am making the right decision for my body. Are there risks to eating vegan?

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Q:I am a new vegan of only 6 weeks. I have some concerns that I hope you can help me with. I originally became a vegan to lose weight but during my journey I found out that I also have a profound concern for animal welfare. So it was an easy transition to a vegan lifestyle. I tried to do my research about the subject. I read, The China Study, Whole, The Starch Solution, and most recently, Engine 2 Diet. I do see some flaws in all of these books, Engine 2 excluded, but I am starting to question if I am making the right decision for my body. If you could please suggest a few books that back up the science behind eating a vegan diet, that would be greatly appreciated. Also, are there risks of eating like this? I ask because I keep reading about the lack of cholesterol in a vegan diet hurting our brains. Then I hear not to worry about it because our bodies produce their own cholesterol. What is the truth?

Sincerely, New Vegan with Questions

Dear NVWQ,

First, congrats on embracing a more compassionate lifestyle. As far as book suggestions to help clear up some of the science, my picks would be Vegan for Life by Jack Norris & Virginia Messina & Becoming Vegan, Express Edition by Brenda Davis & Vesanto Melina.

Jack Norris also have a pretty in-depth website addressing vegan health from a very unbiased science approach:

Also, you may the articles on my website ( to be helpful, along with my entries here on the YDV site.

The only risk which exists in following a vegan diet is failing to take a regular vitamin B12 supplement or consuming fortified foods with the nutrient. And yes, our bodies do create the cholesterol it needs. I have not seen any worthy research to convince me that lack of animal fat for cholesterol is detrimental to anyone’s health.

I hope you find the resources I provided to be of use to you. Thank you for writing!

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