Does Drinking Clay Detox the Body?

By Published On: 1 May 2014Last Updated: 17 January 2017

Much of the buzz behind drinking clay concoctions relates back to misguided ideas about what the body needs to detox.

Drinking Clay Detox

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Drinking Clay Detox

Question: Are there nutritional benefits to consuming clay as an ingested tonic?  Does drinking clay detox the body?

Honestly, I was lost at the idea of consuming clay. Sure, I have read many anecdotal stories & blogs praising the many internal and external benefits of clay (usually bentonite); however, I am not convinced it is a magic elixir.

Searching thru PubMed for any human studies addressing the use of clay wasn’t very fruitful. There was a study or two showing that clay masks can be an effective treatment for mild acne and lesioned skin. If I recall correctly, I used a clay-based mask from The Body Shop twenty-some years ago – I probably saw it featured in Sassy magazine. What I don’t recall is if it made any difference in my blemished pubescent skin. There were a few more studies looking at the possible gastrointestinal benefits to individuals with conditions like IBS. So, could there be some promise? Sure; however, I certainly don’t feel comfortable recommending dosages based on safely consumed amounts because, well, we don’t have them.

And when we talk about supplements, remember there is no regulation. A few years ago, the UK issued a warning against some clay supplements due to high levels of arsenic and lead. Some detractors said this wasn’t a worry because the clay will take these hazardous compounds out of the body, along with everything else “toxic” within your system. Maybe I am crazy, but I really would prefer not to put additional things like lead and arsenic into my body.

Much of the buzz behind drinking clay concoctions relates back to this misguided idea of a “detox.” I don’t know that there is a more annoying “health” term than that one! When I hear the word, I automatically think of “gimmick.” Y’all, we have organs designed specifically to detox the crap out of us – literally and figuratively. Additionally, if you are eating a whole foods vegan diet, why the heck do you need to detox? And if you are eating animals foods and or heavily processed foods day in/out, the best thing I feel that you can do is change your diet rather than rely on some clay dirt to save your health.

Lastly, as a former anthropology major, I certainly am aware of the concept in cultures to practice clay eating, or geophagia. Cited reasons for this practice include easing nausea symptoms and preventing nutritional deficiencies, especially during pregnancy. It is indeed fascinating, but as a healthcare professional in the United States (and not in, say, sub-Sahara Africa), I will encourage nutrient-dense foods to stave off possible deficiencies to my clients.

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