By Daria Zeoli, Guest Contributor

I was recently approached by Lauren, the creator of the blog Respect and Connect, to share my vegan story. If you aren’t familiar with the website, here’s a synopsis:

Respect and Connect is a site featuring personal stories of people, throughout the world, making a difference for animals. This online community is here to show you that you’re not alone in what you stand for.

My piece, Wielding My Voice: Writing for Animals, revisits my story of vegan evolution, first shared with the masses around 2011 right here on Your Daily Vegan.

While revisiting what brought me to veganism for this piece, I made a discovery about myself:

Fifteen years ago, I declared that I didn’t want to join a press with an agenda. Now, I’m very much a part of a press with an agenda: I’m a writer who believes that ending the exploitation of animals is worth fighting for.

There are many ways to be an activist. You can leaflet, open a farm sanctuary, or protest the local furrier. You can run a vegan food truck or organize a vegan bake sale. You can produce a podcast or a film. Or you can simply be vegan. Which reminds me: If anyone tells you that just being an ethical vegan isn’t activism, they’re wrong. Don’t let anyone imply that you aren’t doing enough – by taking a stand against animal exploitation, you are doing so much. Thank you.

Writing is the way I choose to advocate for those without a voice. And if sharing your story with others sounds like something you’re interested in, welcome to the “blogging as activism” part of the advocacy world.

Sharing your vegan voice is one of the most important ways you can advocate for animals, and having a vegan blog helps you do that.

As we’ve talked about before, getting vegan information out there is important to creating a vegan world. The beauty of blogging as activism is that there is so much to say, and so many different perspectives to approach a topic from. Food blogs. Mom blogs. Animal blogs. Fashion blogs. Entertainment blogs. My personal favorite, as a blogger of almost fifteen years, is the personal blog – the one where a writer shares her life with her readers and makes even the day-to-day sound extraordinary.

There is so much room for that type of blogging in the vegan community. It’s empowering when you see a piece of yourself in others; when someone validates the fact that you are not alone when you are dealing with something. It’s comforting to know that if you are feeling a bit sad or burnt out, your readers are there to empathize. And it’s pretty awesome when you realize that your story has the potential to help the stories of others – both human and non-human – who are struggling their own struggles.

My favorite pieces to write are the ones where I talk about living as a vegan. Whether that means telling you about dealing with an ailing parent or taking a walk with my rescue beagle, I am so glad that blogging as activism allows me the opportunity to do that. And I would love it if you told your own story, too.


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