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Cover for the film, A Delicate Balance. Features a planet.

A Delicate Balance

2008 · Unrated · 1h 24m


A Delicate Balance is a succinct production featuring candid interviews with some of the world’s leading experts (including mainstream researchers, doctors, nutritionists, cattle ranchers, environmentalists and politicians) from Harvard to Cornell to Tufts.

Nominated for Best Unreleased Documentary by the Australian Film Critics Association this film is a must-see for everyone concerned about their health or the environment.

A Delicate Balance predominantly explores the effects of animal protein on the human body and the environment and will help you make informed choices to reduce your personal impact.

About the Filmmakers

A Delicate Balance was produced by Phoneix Philms and directed by Aaron Scheibner. Find out more about the film at


“This is a remarkable film and should be compulsory viewing for every human being. It gives us hope. Solutions to global warming and the health crisis are within our reach. This is a must for anyone who cares for the survival of the planet, our fellow human beings, animals (great and small) and their own health.” – Philip Wollen, Order of Australia medal recipient 2007

A Delicate Balance goes further than Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth by saying the only hope for the planet is if people give up meat and dairy.” – Phil Kafcaloudes, Breakfast Club ABC RADIO

“Worldwide, intensive or ‘factory’ farming arguably causes the most suffering to the largest number of animals. A Delicate Balance is a fascinating film that will encourage viewers to re-think their food choices and opt for a cruelty-free lifestyle to the benefit, not only of billions of farm animals but of their personal health and the environment.” – Ondine Sherman, Co-founder and Director of Voiceless

“My first reaction to this documentary is that I wanted everyone I know to see it. Backed by scientific data, and eminent world authorities, this crucial message is very convincing. The camera work is brilliant. It is wonderful to see so many people determined to save the planet.” – Maria Armstrong, Former Art Editor, Sunday Mail SA

“Our world is in trouble and this film can make a difference. The value of Aaron Scheibner’s project is that he has found the way to highlight the alarming consequences of humanity’s actions when they are out of balance and at the same time present achievable solutions. From our dinner plate to our energy use. A Delicate Balance has answers.” – Lee Rhiannon, Australian Greens MP

A Delicate Balance reveals the truth about ill health and introduces us to the tools necessary to take health into the future: pure, whole, earth produced foods are the key to a healthy mind, body and life. I’ve seen many documentaries on health and this one kept my attention from start to finish. This film shows that it is possible to take control of our own health and that it’s our given right to enjoying every minute of it!” – Kevin Gianni, Author of High Raw

A Delicate Balance dramatically reveals the hidden side of our food and health care system and reveals how each one of us can not only be dramatically healthier but also live more sustainably and kindly in our daily lives. Aaron Scheibner has made an important contribution to our shared awareness, and you can as well by watching this timely and fascinating film.” – Dr. Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet

A Delicate Balance is the most comprehensive and complete documentary I have seen on the significance of a meat based diet I have seen on so many different levels. To watch this film and not respond accordingly just seems irrational and selfish. It has raised my awareness on many levels.” – Scott Grimster

A Delicate Balance provides extensive and valuable information about how delicately balanced our ecosystem is, and how our choices of food directly affect that balance. During my time in the Senate, I met many people concerned about the impact of our lifestyles on our health, and the lack of attention paid to this matter in public debate. This film helps redress that failing. It is well worth watching if you are interested in finding out more on the impacts our lifestyles have on our own health and the health of the planet and the other creatures we share it with.” – Andrew Bartlett, Senator for Queensland from 1997 to 2008

A Delicate Balance has arrived in the nick of time to gently, but thoroughly, inform and inspire humanity to clearly understand the truth: that we alone are ultimately responsible for all of our choices, including the most basic – our diet. Our choice of diet is both micro and macro in its impact – our generations’ increase in disease is reflected perfectly by a planet that is equally as toxic. And all we need to do is make better choices – it’s that simple. This film must be seen exponentially so be sure to buy/view A Delicate Balance and tell everyone you know!” – Loren Lembke – President of the Vegan Society NSW and founder of Bounty Burgers

“My unprompted reaction was that this is a real wake-up call and I admit to some changes in dietary practices as a direct response to the film.” – John Stanley, Adjunct Professor, Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, University of Sydney

“And the meek shall inherit the earth”…and Aaron Scheibner’s film ‘A Delicate Balance’ shows us why and how” – Tony Barry, Actor, Activist, Teacher

A Delicate Balance is the single best and most compelling primer I’ve found for explaining to newcomers why people should adopt a plant-based diet. The question always comes up. Rather than try to explain, I simply send them the link.” – Kristen Suzanne,

A Delicate Balance goes further than Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth by saying the only hope for the planet is if people give up meat and dairy.” Phil Kafcaloudes, Breakfast Club ABC RADIO


Cover for the film, A Delicate Balance. Features a planet.