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Cover for the film, Call of Life. Features a man in a black suit and red tie but instead of a head it's a planet.

Call of Life: Facing the Mass Extinction

2010 · Unrated · 1h 20m


Call of Life examines the collective and individual responses that will be needed to mitigate the impacts of the mass extinction and makes clear the critical choices we have before us.

We face the potential of the natural world devastated beyond recognition, with the loss of human life in the billions. Yet, we still have time to avert the worst of the crisis and save much of the biosphere, if we act now.

The first step to is to create broad public awareness of the problem—its magnitude and its implications. Only then can our whole society begin to recognize the systemic changes that will be required.

The solution is clear: in order to save our planet and secure a future for our own species and all species, we need a new worldview. We must recognize that technology alone cannot save us.

We must realize that business-as-usual is no longer an option.

Instead, we need to create fundamental change in our culture, our minds, and our hearts. Unique among all human generations, those of us alive today have been given a great opportunity: one last chance to preserve the vitality and magnificence of the living planet that brought us into being, and is our only home.

About the Filmmakers

Call of Life was produced by Species Alliance and directed by David Ulansey. Find out more about the film at


“If current trends continue, scientists warn that half or more of all plant and animal species on Earth will become extinct within the next few decades. Entirely caused by human activities, this contemporary mass extinction is disrupting and destroying the complex, interconnected biological systems that support life on earth.” – Video Project

“Highly recommended. This understated but alarming documentary explores the causes and likely impact of the mass extinction that is occurring all over the world. Well-produced, informative, compelling and disturbing.” – Video Librarian

“Highly recommended. A beautiful and informative film that is also a call to action. Call of Life features in-depth analysis with thought-provoking interviews of articulate scientists, environmentalists, and visionaries. It is a powerful and compelling message…as an expert notes in the film, humanity has never been faced with a challenge on such a global scale. Call of Life is highly recommended for essentially all audiences, and would be a welcome addition to collections in most high school libraries, public libraries, and undergraduate academic libraries.” – Educational Media Reviews Online

Call of Life is an urgent message about the current mass extinction and loss of biodiversity. Ends on a positive note, even suggesting some specific effect things we might do and how they might actually improve our own lives in the short term.” – Anthropology Review Database

“A great springboard for classroom discussion….The scientists, ecologists and other experts conclude that our modern, consumer-driven culture is creating a mass extinction to rival the one that killed off the dinosaurs 60 million years ago.” – School Library Journal

“Species around the world are disappearing faster than ever before due to our addiction to fossil fuel and other human activities. Call of Life helps us understand this horrible consequence of our actions or lack thereof–a painful but necessary understanding. Everyone needs to see this film.” – Terry Root, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment Department of Biology, Stanford University

“A fascinating and informative film, Call of Life provides an unusually rigorous, in-depth analysis of the importance of biological diversity and the devastating consequences of the current, out-of-control extinction rate. Serious, rich and challenging, Call of Life rises far beyond the superficial jeremiads of many environmental documentaries and explores its subject in commendable depth. Fronted by some of the best-respected, most articulate names in ecology and environmental science, it should be required viewing for anyone with a vested interest in maintaining the diversity of life on Earth — and that, as the film explains so convincingly, means all of us.” – Reel Earth Film Festival, New Zealand


Cover for the film, Call of Life. Features a man in a black suit and red tie but instead of a head it's a planet.