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Cover for the film, Beyond the Myth. Features a picture of a dog with a blue background.

Beyond the Myth

2012 · Unrated · 1h 32m


Unfairly known as violent killers, Pit Bulls have suffered from the stigma of negative media coverage that has lead to city-wide bans across the country. This breed-specific legislation has torn pets away from families, and killed thousands of innocent dogs across the country.

Stripping away the preconceptions to show the loving companions they can be, Beyond the Myth is an important, must see film for all dog lovers.

About the Filmmakers

Beyond the Myth was produced and directed by Libby Sherrill.


“Great documentary illuminating the plight of Pit Bulls and their owners. The content brings you to tears at times, but it is important for people to realize how many wonderful pets are being slaughtered due to ignorance. There is no bad breed, only bad owners and breeders. Other breeds had a similar stigma in the past (Dobermans and Rottweilers), but never to the extant where laws were enacted requiring owners to relinquish their pets for euthanasia or move out of the city, state or country. Many of the pit bulls that were seized from their owners were kind, gentle family pets. These people considered them family members. Also, even though it’s been proven over and over that a great many “fighting dogs” can be rehabilitated, Pit Bulls continue to be killed by Animal Control across the country. There are places like Villalobos Rescue in New Orleans that take pit bulls that cannot be rehabilitated.” – Constantina Xanos, Amazon

“Great documentary showing the hard to believe breed specific legislation against a grouping of dogs in which a combination of bad breeders/owners and media hype resulted in myths and the senseless killing of family pets in many different cities.” – Coach CMC, Amazon

“I own a Pitbull and I think this is a great documentary for any dog owner to watch. I found it very sad that so many had to lose their lives just because people think the breed is vicious. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.” – April, Amazon

“Very moving and due to lack of public education everyone should watch this. So much has changed, but I was never aware of those issues in other cities and what those families had to go through. It was sad to see that some families lost their pets and couldn’t do much about it. Incredible piece, must watch and help educate others, because this will never go away. Stop BSL and understand the breed itself is not at fault, it is the human and the environment.” – Pavlina Sanborn, Amazon

“I learned so much that I can use to educate others. I hope the negative stereotypes surrounding these wonderful breeds can be dispelled!” – Jeanine Stout, Amazon

What’s Happened Since the Film was Released?

Beyond The Myth is a documentary covering breed-specific legislation in Miami, Denver, Cincinnati, and San Francisco. Screenings have been held across the country since the Fall of 2011.

At the conclusion of Beyond the Myth, Dias v. The City of Denver was just going up on appeal for the second time. Much has happened since the movie was made.

Find out the trial details by visiting this breakdown of each case by the Pit Bull Legal News Network.

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Cover for the film, Beyond the Myth. Features a picture of a dog with a blue background.