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Cover for the film, Dog by Dog. Features a closeup of a cute black and white puppy.

Dog by Dog 

2015 · Unrated · 1h 26m


Dog by Dog is a documentary that aims to wake up the American public to the horrible realities of puppy mills by following the money trail across the US and confronting those that have maintained this corrupt and irresponsible system.

About the Filmmakers

Produced by 5414 Productions and directed by Christopher E. Grimes. Find out more about the film at


“This movie is finally going to expose the truth about where your puppies are coming from. Many are unaware of the percentage of dogs purchased through puppy stores and online are actually coming from these horrendous places with horrible living conditions. Christopher E. Grimes did an outstanding job conveying the truths behind puppy mills.” – John Elway, Football player

“Go see this film! This is a very important documentary that tells you all about puppy mills and the money trail behind them.” – Victoria Stillwell, Animal Planet’s star of “It’s Me or the Dog”

“[This film] explains why puppy mills are allowed to continue to operate in our country, despite the glaring inhumane treatment these animals endure their entire lives. If you ever wondered why this cruelty is legal, this documentary will show you. Puppy mills are a huge money-making business that is supported by agricultural lobbyists and companies. Did you think the USDA and the AKC were animal friendly? I did. I know differently now. It is in depth and I hope people will get this for its educational value. There is not a lot of graphic stuff, so don’t be afraid to see it for that reason. Well done.” – Terry, Amazon

“Very informative and based on all facts. This is a must watch for everyone who wants to see Puppy mills be a thing of the past. It isn’t filled with heart wrenching pictures but rather the issues that lie behind the massive industry. Please watch and share this” – Janet, Amazon


Cover for the film, Dog by Dog. Features a closeup of a cute black and white puppy.

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