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Cover for the film, Called to Rescue. Features a woman petting tow pigs in a green field with a blue sky.

Called to Rescue

2016 · Unrated · 1h 13m


Called to Rescue is a documentary film that showcases the incredible work being done on animal sanctuaries for the fortunate farm animals who have been saved from the modern animal agriculture production machine.

Sanctuaries depend on volunteers, donations and tireless work of staff to save and shelter as many animals as possible. Our film provides an inside look into life on a sanctuary, the dedication needed to maintain a safe haven for these animals…and of course, the incredible stories of how these animals are saving lives.

Every animal has a name and a story. Their journeys range from the remarkable, to the heartbreaking, but all end within a safe haven.

The undercover film work that has been done in CAFO’s, often brutally awakening viewers to a look at what “life” used to be like for many of the animals that were met during filming. The film focuses on the stories that unfold afterward, and the remarkable humans who dedicate their lives to saving a life.

While the first chapters of these stories are often heartbreaking, the spirit of these incredibly strong animals is nothing short of inspiring. The film wants to re-awaken our innate knowledge that animals are sentient beings, with families and a desire to live out their natural life free from suffering.

About the Filmmakers

Called to Rescue was produced and co-directed by Naomi Sophia Campbell and Logan Call. Find out more about the film at


“I absolutely love this film/documentary! It touches your heart and literally shows you the extent of an animal’s emotional range! I appreciated the fact that it did not show glory, sad animal footage, but celebrated the joy, kindness and love that animals possess. This is something I could show to my grandchildren or elderly friend and everyone in between, and all would be touched! I don’t think you can walk away from this film and not be changed. Absolutely wonderful!” – Dog mom, Amazon

“Naomi, Loghan and Auston Call have crafted a beautiful film highlighting the joys and passion that come from running and volunteering at farm sanctuaries across the country. This non-graphic documentary takes you to 15 sanctuaries where you’ll meet the rescued animals and those who are blessed to be able to help care for them. Hear their stories and forever change how you see and think about animals.” – Elizabeth B., Amazon

“This movie is informative, lovely, and inspiring. How wonderful to see a treatment of farm animals that is so sensitive you don’t have to avert your eyes. Watch this! You’ll come away feeling more attuned and powerful.” – Anita Noone, Amazon

“It was a great documentary, and I recommend everyone to watch it and to visit Judy and the pigs at Pigs Peace Sanctuary.” – Pia Nystrom, Amazon


Cover for the film, Called to Rescue. Features a woman petting tow pigs in a green field with a blue sky.

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