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Surprise! Vegan Sellout List’s True Message

By Crystal Tremblay, Guest Contributor

Much of the vegan community has been up in arms, and rightfully so, over the online Vegan Sellout List which called out ex-vegans by name and location. This site was originally thought of as a directory where current vegans could shame and point out ex-vegans. It did nothing for the vegan community but paint it as self-righteous and militant.

But, awesomely, it turns out that the creators also thought it was pretentious and horrible because it was nothing more than a trick! They made the site to gain worldwide attention and once it hit the mainstream media, they redirected the site to a stream of slaughterhouse videos.

Personally, I think this was genius. I admit I was outraged and disgusted, as many in the vegan community were, when the website came out but now I am in awe of this tactic. The only downside, however, is that even though the site was a deception, not all of the people featured on the site were because some stories were actually true. You can check out the reasoning behind this yourself as written in a blog post by Peter Young, one of the people behind the list.

Photo credit: Doug Kerr