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By Published On: 10 April 2013Last Updated: 17 January 2017

The beautiful California sea otter, Rhino horn DNA database introduced, the latest bird flu from China, vegan options at Mariners ballpark.

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In search of the California sea otter. “The central California coast is known for its beautiful beaches, soaring cliffs, towering redwoods and world-class surf breaks. Lesser known – but wildly important to the health of the ocean – is the world’s entire population of southern (or California) sea otters. These dynamic animals are a keystone species without which the coastal ecosystem would collapse. Sea otters along the central California coast can spend their entire lives in the ocean, from eating and sleeping to making and having babies. And for travellers, watching them can be endlessly entertaining: the charismatic creatures play and fight, crack open shellfish and spend hours fastidiously grooming. But only 100 years ago, this now beloved species was thought to be extinct.”

Rhino horn DNA database introduced. “A new DNA database is being set up to hold genetic information on all the rhinoceros horn in the UK in an attempt to stop its theft and trade.”

The Latest Bird Flu Freakout, Explained. “Just as dead pigs and ducks stopped washing up in rivers in China, another public health threat crops up: Chinese media announced that a strain of bird flu never before seen in humans was found in Shanghai and surrounding provinces, infecting 24 people so far in China and killing 7 8 of them. The Chinese government has traced some cases back to live pigeons that were being sold in a market in Shanghai. On April 4, Chinese state media confirmed that it had found cases of bird flu in those pigeons, and last Thursday night the government began a mass slaughter of poultry there.”

In other “vegan news…”

Seattle Mariners offer vegan chili cheese dog. “Heading to Safeco Field for the Mariners home opener? Come with an appetite, because Safeco Field has a lot of new food items to entice hungry Mariners fans. Safeco Field’s vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free offerings are  expanding. In addition to a selection of vegetarian frankfurters with specialty toppings and the Field Burger, Field Roast is adding a vegan chili cheese dog.”

Photo credit: mattermatters via Flickr

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