By Amy Bradley, Guest Contributor

Even if you don’t ever need to watch another video to convince you that the way most people eat in this country is S.A.D., maybe you like to stay connected to the latest titles to learn new tricks to the vegan lifestyle. All of the documentaries listed here – available on Netflix – provoke thought about the profound effects of our everyday choices — and they’ll help to stimulate dialogue with other viewers.

Netflix Documentaries for the Vegan Viewer featuring Vegucated | Your Daily Vegan

1. Vegucated (2010)

I was fortunate to catch this on the big screen when the director, Marisa Wolfson, came to Columbus for the movie’s release. Vegucated follows three New Yorkers, from a variety of backgrounds, who go vegan for six weeks to discover the health benefits and bite off more than they can chew when they learn about the dirty side of the meat and dairy industries.

Netflix Documentaries for the Vegan Viewer featuring Forks Over Knives | Your Daily Vegan

2. Forks Over Knives (2011)

Forks Over Knives features two doctors, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, from Cornell University, and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, a former surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic, who share their personal and professional journeys of discovering dietary links between animal-based foods and chronic disease. They show how plant-based foods prevent and even reverse disease, bringing in other experts from the field.

Netflix Documentaries for Vegan Viewers featuring Earthlings | Your Daily Vegan

3. Earthlings (2007)

Earthlings dares you to watch it. This hard-hitting documentary, featuring Joaquin Phoenix, uses graphic footage to open people’s eyes to how animals are exploited for human uses, and all 95 minutes will keep your fists clenched around your damp tissues. Grab the tissue box, leave the snacks, take a deep breath, and prepare to be transformed.

Netflix Documentaries for Vegan Viewers featuring The Cove | Your Daily Vegan

4. The Cove (2009)

The Cove is an Oscar-winning film, shot by courageous activists, opens a huge window into one Japanese town where an industry herds and kills dolphins for meat. The film follows a former dolphin trainer for the TV show Flipper who wants to redeem himself for exploiting these highly intelligent and sensitive animals. Again, grab the tissue box!

5. Crazy Sexy Cancer (2007)

Crazy Sexy Cancer follows the charismatic Kris Carr shares her journey from cancer to back to optimal health. She takes viewers through juicing, yoga, diet and all kinds of lifestyle changes with playful humor. There’s even a little romance in it!

Bonus: Two more vegan films!

Kudos to these instant Netflix picks for being informative, entertaining, and generally awesome.

Netflix Documentaries for the Vegan Viewer featuring Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue | Your Daily Vegan

The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue takes you on a shopping trip with Engine 2 firefighter Rip Esselstyn where you’ll learn how to make healthy, vegan food like delicious sweet potato lasagna. Maybe he’ll come to a kitchen near you, soon?

Netflix Documentaries for Vegan Viewers featuring Beyond the Myth | Your Daily Vegan

Beyond the Myth: A Film About Breed Discrimination is a documentary that challenges the myth that Pit Bulls are inherently violent, dangerous dogs, and challenges the laws that discriminate against the breed. I added this title that is not about animals used for food, because this issue is close to my heart, as I have two rescued pit mixes as sweet and loving family members.

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