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Cover for the film, Crazy Sexy Cancer.

Crazy Sexy Cancer

2008 · Unrated · 1h 30m


Diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer, 31-year old Kris Carr exits her acting career upon diagnosis to film her journey for the next four years. Cutting edge, sassy and hip, Crazy Sexy Cancer is a generation-defining documentary provides a rare passenger seat view into the intimate, anguishing, and sometimes humorous world of living with cancer.

About the Filmmakers

Crazy Sexy Cancer was produced by Gaiam – Entertainment and directed by Kris Carr. Find out more about the film at


“Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer or cares about someone who has it will appreciate seeing this movie. This was recommended by a friend who’s 10 years clear (never had chemo OR radiation). After going to several “teams” of doctors I decided to have removal of the tumor but not the rest of it. Cancer people tend to have acidic bodies (rather than alkaline), there are a TON of great things to do that actually turn cancer cells back into healthy cells, in fact. It’s about their environment. This was one of the first movies watched….in an incredible journey back to health.” – Marian, Amazon

“As someone currently fighting cancer, I had been looking for almost anything in regards to fighting cancer on your own terms and being pro-active in your health care. I would go for treatment every day (and still do) but when I leave the hospital and go home, nothing I did at home would be beneficial towards fighting cancer. I felt like my doctors were doing the work but that I wasn’t putting in any additional effort, just going with the flow. I wanted a resource that was also geared towards young adults battling cancer. This documentary is about a young adults’ cancer journey and not just sitting by as doctors performed tests on her, but by also being pro-active and taking an important role in her healing journey, through nutrition and Eastern forms of healing. This documentary has helped to inspire me to make a change in my own life, outside of cancer, so that it may benefit me and change the course that my disease has taken. This documentary for me is one step to seeing my healing journey in a whole new light and to helping me become more aware of what I can do to help myself. I highly recommend this movie for cancer fighters, survivors, caregivers, friends and family of those with cancer and anyone who wants to be able to better understand the opportunities that are available for us to become active participants in our health.” – Nick, Amazon

“I do not struggle with cancer, but this is truly a story of strength, courage, and love. Self-love and romantic love. Kris could have completely fallen apart when she heard of her diagnosis, but she rose up and decided to heal herself and then spread her journey to others so they could do the same. She teaches prevention and the survival/thriving of cancer. Kris is truly my hero! I love me some green juice!” – Stacy Porter, Amazon

“I saw this documentary originally on TLC and I was absolutely captivated by the beautiful spirit, attitude, and determination of this amazing woman. I am so glad she released it on DVD and I think it is very inspiring and uplifting. This is a must have for people seeking inspiration and seeing how Kris deals with adversity in a very positive, real way. She left such an impression on me and I can’t recommend this highly enough….unforgettable!” – Suzy, Amazon

“Kris was diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer. Weeks later she began filming her story. Taking a seemingly tragic situation and turning it into a creative expression, Kris shares her inspirational story of survival with courage, strength, and lots of humor.” Kris Carr is an amazing woman in my eyes. She has been through so much. I, myself, have liver-related health issues… So, naturally, her story resonated with me in a big way. No matter what you are going through, through her journey, you will learn to see life in a new light…The ups and downs, the important things in life, how to take care of yourself, and how to really give yourself permission to live. It’s amazing how one person’s story can have such a healthy impact on so many other people’s lives. I recommend everyone buy this documentary.” – Natalie Moore, Amazon


Cover for the film, Crazy Sexy Cancer.

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