Project Description

Cover for the film, A Meaty Issue. Features a red globe.

A Meaty Issue

2012 · Unrated · 52 min


Most of us meat-eaters put the notion of slaughterhouses and mass meat production to the very back of our minds. This film investigates whether the world’s mushrooming appetite for cheap meat is growing out of control. Filmed in China, India, Europe, and Africa, this film investigates the consequences of the world’s growing appetite for cheap meat on the environment, society, and the individual and reveals why consumers should think beyond their own dinner plates.

About the Filmmakers

A Meaty Issue was directed by Jutta Pinzler and Michael Richter and produced by A Berlin Producers Production for NDR and ARTE.


“Very informative documentary. It does a good job of showing you how eating meat not only affects the animals but also affects other humans in the world. You see how the demand for meat forces the corporations to keep up & in the process hurts many defenseless people. I found it to be a very eye-opening documentary. It was not what I was expecting at all. It is actually one of the better ones I have seen. Also, they don’t overwhelm you with tons of statistics and medical jargon. They keep it short, simple & to the point.” – Nightwalker, Amazon

“Very thought-provoking, and we should all think about what we are eating every day.” – Laura Pacter, Amazon

“Very informative. I learned a lot I had no clue about.” – Robert A. Casteel, Sr., Amazon


Cover for the film, A Meaty Issue. Features a red globe.

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