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Cover for the film, The Future of Food.

The Future of Food

2005 · Unrated · 1h 22m


The Future of Food distills the complex technology and consumer issues surrounding major changes in the food system today — genetically engineered foods, patenting, and the corporatization of food — into terms the average person can understand. It empowers consumers to realize the consequences of their food choices on our future.

About the Filmmakers

The Future of Food was produced by Lily Films and directed by Deborah Koons Garcia. Find out more about the film at


The film has wonderful and informative interviews with Andrew Kimbrell, director of the Center for Food Safety, Fred Kirshenman, a well-known sustainable farmer, and a number of experts and scientists who document first off how GE food was pushed on the American people with no disclosure and no testing as well as the devastating potential for destruction with messing with our food supply for profit. There’s a lot we can do. Support small farmers and farmers markets. Join a community supported agriculture program where you get a box of fresh from the field organic fruits and vegetables each week. We also need to demand to label. Right now we don’t know which foods we buy are genetically altered and which aren’t. If our food is labeled we can make informed choices. I highly recommend this film – it’s important information for us all.” – Sheri Fogarty, Amazon

“A must see! This is the very best, most informative and well-done documentary on the matter. The essential is summarized in one place: a DVD that is real easy to follow. It is quite comprehensive. Some very strong reports/interviews from well-known scientists, and testimonials from genuine farmers. Also, all the animations are excellent. And the photography is in many places beautiful (especially the part filmed in Mexico). On the top of that, it is also the best documentary I’ve ever seen, flowing along an amazingly informative path. I highly recommend it for a) those who know about this matter, and b) those who don’t know yet about it.” – Francois Hugues, Amazon

“Everyone needs to see this film if you care about what is happening in the world and to our food system. Not only does this film show in detail the insanely disgusting science behind how genetically modified foods, but exposes some of the practices that are carried about by evil, yes I mean truly evil companies like Monsanto – from how they are infecting the planet with their genetic abominations, and how they are actively and directly destroying the real down to earth, moral farmers’ lives. If you watch this film it will make you mad, and it should. Companies like Monsanto and all their minions need to be thrown in prison – the level of their psychopathic, twisted, behavior is truly shocking (there really are no words to encapsulate it), but people need to become aware of what is really happening and what they are really doing. This film is definitely a must watch for anyone with a conscience and a heart, and who cares about what they are putting in their bodies and their children’s bodies, and what is really being done to God’s creation. I say anyone involved with Monsanto pushing this agenda should not only be put in jail, but their diet for the rest of their days should be the very same genetic abominations they are pushing on the rest of the world through blackmail, deceit, and financial terrorism.” – Brian Kennedy, Amazon


Cover for the film, The Future of Food.

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