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Cover for the film, Sea the Truth. Features a large fish holding a black chalkboard sign on a busy sidewalk.

Sea the Truth

2010 · Unrated · 1h 3m


The state of our oceans and seas is the main focus in Sea the Truth. Leading scientists such as Daniel Pauly suggest that if we continue to catch and eat fish at the current rate, the oceans and seas will be empty within 40 years. The hunt for fish is an economic monster on the run: large bottom trawlers are scraping the bottoms of the seas empty, taking with them all living things with destructive force. The massive amount of by-catch is thrown back into the sea, maimed or dead.

Under the guidance of Dutch MP Marianne Thieme, two young marine biologists Marianne van Mierlo and Barbara van Genne, are searching worldwide for scientific information about the condition of our biggest ecosystems, which cover more than two thirds of our planet. Underwater photographer Dos Winkel shows them the beauty of marine life and the enormous threats to which it is exposed.

For the documentary the producers filmed in Newfoundland, on Bonaire, on the North Sea, the Azores and at various locations in the Netherlands. Authorities offer the solution of sustainable fisheries projects while leading scientists say that every fish that is taken now, is one too many. This documentary shows that, unfortunately, there is no such thing as “sustainable fishing”.

About the Filmmakers

Sea the Truth was produced by Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation and directed by Claudine Everaert and Gertjan Zwanikken. Find out more about the film at


“This is a beautiful film, thanks for doing this. But I think to say ” to stop eating fish” is to simple to say when it comes to save the ocean. Everything starts from education. As an adult, we make decisions by ourselves and may be influenced by others sometimes. Children, however, has no much options when it comes to the food. To me, it is much important to explain to your kids about why we should stop eating fish.” – Mei Ling,

“Thank you, to make such informative documentary. In India we need more action plan to protect our ocean.” – Pradip Namdeo Chogale,

“Another taste of how things are – where they’re going – and what (read: “who”) caused it… Should be required education for the masses and a part of the clockwork-orange-toothpick-propped-eyelids curriculum for those atop the power structure.” – Joshua Marks,

“The human ignorance is the most hurtful issue decades from now, how we treat nature and let ourselves fall into oblivion is going to bring a very harsh reality. We are already paying the prize what our fathers did in many ways, and unfortunately the answer is the same we using resources since the dawn our time and if we going to worry how the fish feel about it we will starve. Sad really, because we think we have the right to take everything what nature can offer to us but we never think about it what we should be given back and that would lead to our distraction. We are killing our World…” – Ferenc Csicseri,

Sea the Truth was very good.” – Aaron Deville,

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